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Thursday, 25 February 2021
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House 3 bedrooms Modern Vila Verde on sale - excellent location, garden, plenty of natural light, air conditioning, swimming pool

Phone 253 322 101   Mob 913 507 777
  • REFIV-07107
  • LocationVila Verde
  • Area280 m² | 500 m²
  • StatusNew
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency-
EUR 299.000
± USD 357.000   GBP 271.000
  • County: Braga
  • Town: Vila Verde
  • Parish: União das Freguesias de Esqueiros, Nevogilde e Travassós
  • Location: Vila Verde
  • Typology: T3
For sale detached villa V3 in modern architecture with pool in Esqueiros, Vila Verde!
Ground floor composed of furnished kitchen, living room, service bathroom, pantry, laundry and engine room;
Top floor with 3 suites (1 with walk-in closet);
Villa has the particularity of having hall and room with double right foot and an interior garden;
Air conditioning; window frames with double glass; porch for 1 car; automatic exterior gate; Garden and pool;
Lots of natural light and great location;
Villa with 280sqm of covered area inserted in plot of land with500sqm!
Come live in Vila Verde!
Inserted in the midst of fantastic green landscapes and bathed by The Man River and the Cávado River, Vila Verde is pure natural heritage. The town is a passage of the Camino de Santiago, stage of emblematic events such as fairs and pilgrimages. It is a land marked by historical monuments, excellent minhota cuisine and full of vilaverdenses who preserve at all costs the Portuguese crafts, such as linen and Valentine's scarves.
Characterized by the products of the land and local traditions, here you will discover the comfort of living between the countryside and the city!
INOVA Imobiliária has a wide portfolio of real estate in Vila Verde!
Contact one of our agents now and come live in Vila Verde!
If you want to sell or buy a house, entrust us with this mission...
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Inova ImobiliáriaRua dos Bombeiros, 226
4730-752 Vila Verde
  • Telephone:
    253 322 101
    913 507 777
  • Website:
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