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On sale Warehouse Esporões Braga - storage room, porch, reception
thumbOn sale Warehouse Esporões Braga - storage room, porch, reception
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Building and warehouse in Braga (2 articles matrix of urban and rustic) that correspond to a central building with 4 floors the service area and a warehouse with a closed area and two covered areas type porch. On the back, is still a land that faces a street and that is an article matrix, rustic, to which the PDM Braga assigns constructive capacity. Located on the outskirts of the municipality of Braga, in the parish of Spurs, a few metres from the local Pharmacy and for the connection to the EN 101, the output from Braga to Guimarães, while allowing for close access to the main structuring routes, such as the circular of Braga, A3 and A11. The surrounding is a peripheral zone, residential, with some rural component and services. Local properly infra-structured and with good accessibility. The administrative building has 4 floors, one of which is partially buried, and another building comprising a ground floor with a walk-right between 6.3 and 7.5, part of which is closed, and the only remaining covered, type porch. The generality of the place has no buildings, existing spaces of garden, paving for circulation areas and playing fields. Overall quality of construction and materials used in mid-level to good. The administrative Building has a structure porticos of reinforced concrete with flat roofs, facade plastered and painted and the main-ventilated and coated aluminum interior, with materials and facilities current for this type of buildings. The Warehouse has metal structure and large-ranging with coverage in the sheet metal, the walls without finishing, minimum level of facilities. Administrative building: Floor 1 - Sanitary Facilities, Bar, dining room, Kitchen, Storage room, Store, Offices/ 2nd Floor - Auditorium, Reception, conference Rooms for Meetings, Offices, Sanitary Facilities/ Floor 3 - Various offices, Sanitary Facilities/ Floor 4 - Offices, Board, meeting Rooms, Sanitary Facilities. Building Shipyard in the Central ground Floor with the central Warehouse, warehouse equipment, warehouse material warranty of the work, the section of ironwork, sections maintenance, service station. /// Information about the areas: Gross floor Area Private 12.940 / Total Land Area 38.542 / Area Implant. Building 9.747 /
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